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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Reiki Part 3 - practical uses


please note that this is an extremely long entry. if you don't want to read all of it, please at least read the section entitled 'a powerful Reiki experience' - it'll be worth it! and a 'ps' before anything else: this has taken so long that I'll check for glitches after I post it, and correct any I find at that time ;).

I thought this a fitting time to bring out the Reiki Part 3 - practical uses information, considering my Uncle's recent illness, death, memorial and all. I feel this in part because I sent Reiki to my uncle during his brief but intense illness before his death in hospital, to aid him in his process (whether that was to be his healing or his transition through death... I couldn't know or say, obviously, and just directed the Reiki to do whatever he himself needed most), and hopefully reduce whatever pain he was feeling along the way. in addition to that, Reiki is ideal during emotional and/or stressful times for anyone - not only my uncle and his family who sat with him often in his hospital room (I directed some to people in the room in general, also) but also for myself recently. so it's timely in my life, for sure. while I do believe that our spirit lives on after our physical death, in whatever form/manner, I also strongly feel the real sadness that losing the physical presence of a loved one brings, and am rather sensitive to others' pain as well. guess that makes me human after all ;). in any case, Reiki has helped me a fair bit while I've been so caught up in my emotions, recently.

below are the sections included in this entry... I've managed to link them up so you can go directly to each section (then they didn't work & I edited... then they worked/didn't work/worked again, et voila! they *are* working now ;). just be aware that if you go to the afternote first, it won't make much sense without having read about the powerful Reiki experience first :). please tell me if they *don't* work & I'll just get rid of the darn things & - oops! - you'll have to scroll to find the titles.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

about the Reiki 'healing crisis'

I wanted to once again make mention of the Reiki 'healing crisis' that often comes with Reiki treatments and/or attunements. this healing crisis can catch one off-guard and seem to make things more difficult in some way while the recipient is going through it, and I do try to mention it to anyone I do Reiki for. unfortunately, I've forgotten twice now - once with a lady who finally found out about it, and also with someone I *just* did Reiki for about an hour ago. duuuh. I'll direct that person to this entry/that page to get this information, should it be helpful.

the information about the Reiki healing crisis is at my Reiki page. below is the initial paragraph on that page, just to give you a beginning....

The following information on the Reiki Healing Crisis is taken from Advanced Reiki Training by William L. Rand, of the Center for Reiki Training. I am copying this information from my Advanced Reiki Training 'manual' which was put together from various materials collected by my Reiki Master, so unfortunately I can't be more specific in my notation of where this material originated from. This information will also be useful to anyone who has received a Reiki treatment (or series of treatments) and who may be experiencing unexpected and/or uncomfortable side-effects from the Reiki treatment(s).

* * * * * * * * * * * *

practical uses for Reiki

I want to give you a few examples of practical uses for Reiki, and then I will tell you about a recent experience I had using one of these methods. first of all, Reiki can be used to cleanse any object or room (which is what the recent experience was all about) of negative or impure energies, and then to recharge the object/room with pure Reiki energy. for instance, I work with a crystal when I do distance Reiki, with the idea of focusing not only my thoughts, concentration and intention more precisely, but to hopefully enhance the Reiki going to the recipient - and to represent that recipient, as if I was holding her/him in my very hands. since I work very often with this specific crystal, whenever I hold it I sense it to be very clear and powerful; if I didn't, I would cleanse and recharge it every time I used it. if the crystal sits without me at least holding it for more than a couple of days, I'll do the cleansing/recharging to make sure it's clear of any negative energies it might have picked up on its travels with me (I carry it with me always).

Reiki is also just as useful for treatment and healing of pets, the earth, plants, medications (enhances their healing powers while minimizing their potential side effects), and also foods (especially useful for microwaved foods which are depleted of their nutrients after being zapped!).

there is a tool called the 'Reiki crystal grid', which is used to send Reiki to a person - or more than one persons - continuously. if any of you express further interest in the grid I will set one up, post pictures and describe its use very precisely, but for now I'll just say that the practitioner would set up a circle of six (cleansed) crystals of approximately the same size, with one extra crystal in the middle. the practitioner would then use a 'master' crystal to charge this grid with Reiki, and would put picture(s) in the center of the grid - with identifying info such as name, location, etc. written on the back of each picture(s) - or just slips of paper with identifying info and Reiki requests on them. these people are then the Reiki recipients, and will receive the Reiki from the charged grid continuously, either until they're removed from the grid, or until the energy in the grid runs out. to avoid the energy discharging, the practitioner would use the master crystal daily to repeat the charging ritual on the crystals in the grid, and thereby continue the flow of Reiki to the recipient(s) who have been 'placed' in the center of the grid.

situations that need to be resolved - such as career, health, decision, relationship (etc) issues - can also be written on a piece of paper and put into the center of the Reiki grid to receive the benefit of the Reiki healing.

another way to work on a specific issue - any of the above or indeed whatever a recipient feels needs very intense and specific healing - is to use the healing attunement. basically, the practitioner works on and around the recipient, performing a specific ritual, with both of them focusing very precisely on whatever issue for which the recipient wishes to receive intense healing. for instance, if someone had an emotional issue that was clouding their ability to live life fully (just as an example - issues around sexual abuse that needed to be resolved, perhaps a specific inability to form trusting, intimate relationships with people), the practitioner would guide the recipient through the steps taken to perform the healing attunement. it is a very intensive, focused form of Reiki channeling that the recipient recieves. it takes about 20 minutes, and is not only very effective, but is very strong - the healing crisis mentioned above is often a result of such intensive healing work (though not always). at the beginning of the healing attunement, the practitioner discusses the issue with the recipient, and a mutual - mental - visualization of the issue is determined (what shape is it? what colour? what texture? what smell? what area - if any - of the body does it reside in? and so on), so that not only is the practitioner able to see the issue in a very concrete way to focus on it during the healing attunement, but the recipient is also focusing on the same visualization. after the clarifying process, the recipient just needs to sit quietly with eyes closed, focused on the visualization and feeling open to receiving the Reiki healing and willing to do whatever work might be required to further that healing.

this visualization process helps to very precisely tune the Reiki into the issue/area that needs healing, and also helps the recipient to view the issue/area in a way that can - intuitively - be compared both before and after the healing attunement; the practitioner directs the recipient to tune into the issue/area itself again after the healing attunement, and the recipient can then decide/visualize what it looks like since the treatment and whether or not anything has changed. if it all seems 'clear', one can assume that the issue is on its way to being resolved with the help of the Reiki energy and the recipient's intentional agreement to be open to healing, to possible solutions and in general, to work on healing him/herself. if anything remains of the issue/affected area, whether changed or not, the practitioner and recipient can then decide what comes next in the quest to resolve the issue. often, the healing attunement is followed by a regular Reiki treatment regardless of whether anything changed with the targeted treatment area. the healing attunement, by the way, is not to be confused with the attunements that a Reiki practitioner is given during training... the recipient has not been attuned to practise Reiki, but has just received a very intense form of healing, with the Reiki healing attunement.

perhaps you have heard of 'psychic surgery', also; Reiki practitioners learn how to do a form of this healing. it's not a surgery like when psychic healers reach in and end up removing some kind of physical representations of bad energy, but the Reiki psychic healing does also remove negative energies from the physical body. this is accomplished by the practitioner 'extending' the spirit energy of the fingertips into what we call 'Reiki fingers'. in other words, the practitioner's fingertips now extend a further (approximate) six inches outwards from where the physical fingertips end; these 'spiritual fingers' are then inserted into the recipient's body and moved about to find any 'cold' or 'negative' areas (or to work on some specific area already agreed upon). the Reiki fingers work to draw negative or impure energy out of the body, and insert pure Reiki energy in its place. the practitioner can then shake any clinging negative energy out/off the fingertips and push the Reiki fingers back to normal finger length, at the end of the treatment. again, Reiki finger healing is just an intensive, very specific form of Reiki body healing, used to get at the core of an issue/problem as closely and precisely as possible.

description of all these healing 'rituals' (which I'm the first to admit seem pretty far out, in some cases) brings me to state that all of Reiki healing, whatever the specific details, is activated by intent - which means that the more focused the intent, the more precise and effective the healing will be. regardless of the method used, the actual intent during its use is what the true driving force of the Reiki healing is all about. in other words, no matter what healing 'ritual' a practitioner uses -  even if it sounds like mumbo jumbo and doesn't seem remotely possible - what makes the Reiki work as effectively as it is meant to do is the practitioner's (including sometimes the recipient's) actual intent. as in any other area of life, what we visualize and intend in our lives is really what dictates the outcome of what we experence. of course the Reiki is helped to do its job if the recipient actually is open to and believes that the Reiki will help him/her in some way, but even a belief in Reiki healing energy is not a requirement to receive it; the only true requirement on the recipient's part is a willingness to actually receive the Reiki when sent. without that willingness, the Reiki just won't go to that recipient; it will be turned away by the recipient's higher self, which will know the person's real, inner decision on the matter. so the time, while not exactly wasted - because I always direct that the Reiki go to some part of the earth that needs healing, when there's the slightest question as to whether the Reiki will be accepted by the intended recipient - is just spent.

what Reiki actually does is to bolster and speed up a recipient's personal healing resources. whether or not I focus on a specific area/issue for healing - which will always benefit in some way, if not in the largest way - the Reiki will go where the recipient most needs it, to start the healing on the deepest level that requires it. healing from the inside out, in other words. also, the intent mentioned has got to be an intent to heal. without this intent to heal, Reiki will simply not flow from the practitioner's hands (or eyes, if those are used. yes, possible - though I find for myself it takes more effort). this necessity of intent ensures against any inadvertent or purposeful harmful intent by a practitioner to do harm or send negative energy to a recipient; without that intent to heal the Reiki just doesn't flow, so the practitioner can't do harm. Reiki also can't do harm inadvertently to any recipient because Reiki is in itself, by definition, a positive life force energy.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

a powerful Reiki experience

now, I'd like to tell you about a specific, recent Reiki experience that I had. I'm going to copy here the actual email I sent to the recipient, because it says it all. and by the way - any time I do Reiki for someone, it is always by permission, and is automatically kept confidential... unless the recipient gives me permission to talk about the healing. I normally still won't talk about the recipient specifically - only treatment details themselves - unless I feel the information will benefit someone specifically. an example of this would be if I wanted to offer Reiki to someone but they might be leery of anything like Reiki without being able to speak to someone who's already experienced it from me. in this case I would ask a recipient if they would be willing to let me use their name and put another potential Reiki recipient in contact with them, to ask questions. if the answer is yes, I would then contact the potential Reiki recipient, ask them if they'd like to speak to someone about a Reiki experience, and give them the prior recipient's contact details. Reiki treatments from me (and I believe from at least the majority of practitioners) are always confidential, without such disclosure permission asked for and granted (though occasionally I do talk about specific Reiki experiences with NO identifying information involved). even the fact that I have done Reiki for someone specifically would not be mentioned to anyone, unless the recipient him/herself has been openly talking about it (ie, such as how you've all perhaps seen me making identifying comments online with a fellow blogger about the Reiki I've done for her).

the point of me telling you all that is that the recipient of this specific Reiki experience has agreed that I can not only write here the details of this experience, but has also allowed me to name her specifically because she believes SO strongly in Reiki healing that she wants to encourage - by revealing certain of her own experiences - others who could benefit by Reiki healing specifically. I assume this means that she won't mind if you ask her questions after reading this also, if you'd like to go to her blog to do so.

the recipient in question, then, is the lively and lovely and very spiritual Dreama. we discussed the possibility of Reiki a while back, when Dreama went through a change in her living circumstances (her regular readers will know what this was about); she desired, in essence, to 'refresh the energy' in her home and I thought of the Reiki room cleansing/charging ritual that I've been trained to do, and offered to do it for Dreama's home. and of course she accepted! and has been very patient in waiting until I was able to start with this healing ritual.

often the energy in a home is affected by the events that transpire there, emotions that have been experienced there, visitors who have been there and perhaps left some of their negative or impure energies behind, and etc.; over time, these various energies will collect in a home and will cause the energy in the home to feel heavy, or sad, or confusing, or distastefully uncomfortable, or... well, you probably get the idea by now ;). you may even have experienced this type of feeling upon moving into a new home... you might be feeling the energy of the prior residents. this would also be what one would feel in a home that could be called 'haunted' by a spirit (though a haunted home's energy could quite possibly feel like this to a larger degree than a home with just 'tired' or 'overused/unrefreshed' energy). I always imagine a home needing cleansed and recharged energy might feel like a home with stale air smells. this would be a great time to call a Reiki healer, to give your new home a sort of housecleaning and/or housewarming unlike any you've had before!

Dreama wished to have old energies in her home cleansed and have it recharged with fresh, positive energies. I was very happy to have the opportunity to do the Reiki room cleansing/charging for Dreama, and am even more happy and grateful for this opportunity and experience now since the whole thing turned into a very powerful, positive experience in more ways than I expected. I still have all the rest of Dreama's home to do the Reiki treatment for, but this was the room I decided to start with. I can't wait to get the rest done too! Dreama's home, by the way, is the first I've ever done the Reiki room cleansing/charging for via distance Reiki... before this, I've only ever done this ritual in person, hands-on as it were. it's a first in many ways for me, actually, which as I said makes me appreciate it all the more.

I often 'sense' or feel things when I do any Reiki for a person, and as long as I'm sure the issue isn't related to my own life experience/process, I will tell a person what I've felt during the Reiki treatment. I feel it's important not only for any 'message' for the recipient that might be inherent in what I sense, but also just to promote a recipient's conscious awareness of something that could be important to their health or well-being, something they may or may not wish to consider once I've told them what I've sensed. sometimes I don't know exactly what the feeling means - for instance, if I see a specific colour in my mind during the treatment - and sometimes I have a very clear idea of what I've been 'given' to tell the recipient. the latter is the case with Dreama's home treatment. following, then, is (at long last, haha) the email I sent to Dreama after the treatment, to tell her about it all, which is reprinted here with her full and enthusiastic permission - thank you so much, Dreama :).

- - - - - - - -

SO, as I mentioned via contact form, have I got a STORY to tell you!

this really was an experience, too, not just a 'treatment'. at about 2:30 pm this afternoon I decided I was ready & had time to concentrate on doing Reiki for at least one room of your home. as I have mentioned before, it's a 'cleansing and charging' ritual that is done with Reiki. practitioners have the ability to perform this kind of cleansing from second degree Reiki onwards. the reason first degree Reiki practitioners can't do it is that this ritual involves the use of the Reiki symbols, and no practitioner (at least in the traditional Usui method of Reiki) is attuned to these symbols until second degree. I can mention the symbols, but I can't show them to you as they are considered sacred and not to be revealed to anyone not already attuned to the symbols.

so to start, I stood in the middle of the room and meditated on your home, on the den/dining room combination at the end of the house specifically. I pictured it in my mind as best I could from all your prior description, imagining myself standing in the middle of this room, seeing the colours and items there that you told me about, trying to really connect to your essence and the 'spirit' of your home. the purpose of this is to make the connection in my mind as clear as it possibly can be, in order to direct the Reiki as effectively as possible. whenever I do distance Reiki for anyone/reason I do the same, because when it's at a distance there's a need to be as clear as possible on where the Reiki needs to go, for the most effective results.

when I was satisfied that I 'was there', I called out, within my mind, to both your and my own spiritual guides, personal guides, Reiki guides, angels, and guardians, and any other beings of light, love and positive energy whose duty and/or desire might align with our purpose, to work with me on this Reiki ritual. once I felt we were ready to go, I addressed all beings together silently, thanking them for their help, telling them that the purpose of this Reiki was to bring light and positive energy to your home, to dispell any shadows, to cleanse any old energies still hanging about and recharge all energy to its highest light and vibration, for your highest good so that you might live amongst all this positive, healing energy.

I should note here that when I address spirit guides of any type, in order to make clear my intention, I have to describe and/or picture in my mind, as best I can, the person/place the Reiki is going to - sort of a 'debriefing', if you will. I was concerned with treating your home, of course, but in order to help the guides & Reiki get to your home, I had to mark it as yours. in order to do this most efficiently, I had to use your Dreama name, and tell the physical location that your home is in. just to be safe I also mentioned that I only know you by your nickname, rather than your real name, and I mentioned the blogs on the internet. started to explain the internet, and that made me feel rather foolish, like it would matter or mean anything to spirit guides! haha. at that point, I got quite a feeling of amusement coming at me from the assembled helpers - because of course it wouldn't mean anything to them and they would already know that I know you in some way, but they did seem amused by my efforts to be so specific.

I can't adequately explain the connection I feel with the various guides when I do these distance treatments. I don't feel that I know them (though sometimes - often - I feel a familiar sort of energy around me), and I can't see them with my eyes, but I definitely feel their presence. at the same time, it's very 'light'... it's almost like you'd 'feel' the presence of someone you're just speaking on the telephone with.

anyway, once I explained where the Reiki was going, who was getting it & what the whole purpose was, I began the actual cleansing/charging ritual. I began as I start any distance treatment, drawing symbols in the usual specific order I prefer, so as to activate the Reiki energy in the correct manner. these distance treatments always start with the distance symbol, but I've developed a particular order of using the other symbols over time, one that I feel is most effective for how I personally work with the Reiki energy. aside from starting with the distance symbol always, the rest of them can actually be used in any order.

after I began with the initial distance symbol, I started the actual 'treatment'. I faced a corner of the room and drew four symbols in the air: the master (dai ko myo), the distance (hon sha ze sho nen), the emotional (sei he ki), and the power symbol (cho ku rei), in that order. this order was given to me specifically to use, in cleansing/charging a room. it makes complete sense to me though, and would be the order I'd use even if I hadn't been told. if a Reiki II practitioner were to do this particular treatment, by the way, s/he wouldn't yet have the master symbol to use, as the master symbol is only given during Reiki level III attunement.

I then repeated this action over all four corners of the room, and afterwards I needed to draw the symbols also over doors and windows. of course, I don't know the actual layout of your home but imagined that there would be a large(ish) window (like a bay window) at one end, a door at one side, and possibly a smaller window opposite the door. here's a small (and rather funny looking - sorry) indicator of how I viewed your layout in the den/dining room:

           [             ] (wall)
           [             ]
    (sm <            \\ (the door
   win) <             // here)
           [             ]
           [             ] (wall)
(the rest of the home at this end)

nb to all: Dreama was amazed at how accurate I was in visualizing her home; the truth - which I haven't yet had time to write to Dreama about so she'll first see it in this entry - is that some of my relatives live in a home much like Dreama described to me, so I was really just guessing that hers would be the same layout, and trusting that the guides would help the Reiki get to where it was intended to go!

after I drew the symbols in all four corners, imagining I was facing the bay window, I did the window on my left, then drew the symbols over the bay window, then I faced the door and started there. THIS is when the real fun began.

as soon as I had drawn all the symbols over the door, I had an odd and very powerful sensation of having energy from the very center of my being drawn towards the door... like my spirit itself was being pulled over to the door. once there, I stood before a swirling mist of energy. a face then slowly emerged out of the mists - the face of a Native American Indian, an 'elder' soul. the face looked very sad, and I could feel the spirit's energy as very low, very deeply silent, with an almost-depressed texture... someone who had suffered greatly. yet still, this energy was extremely solid, very stoic and determined. not a determination of will, but of purpose, if you see what I mean. deeply spiritual, firm and accepting - highly dignified - yet deeply ... disappointed, I guess I would call it.

immediately, as I felt this energy, huuuuuge teardrops started pouring down my face. I was bent almost double, trying to bolster my own strength and keep myself from being drawn right into this energy. I didn't feel as if the spirit was trying to pull my energy on purpose, but that it was so needy - and strong in itself! - that it automatically sort of attracted whatever positive energy it could get. sort of like a sponge next to a puddle of water... put it close enough and it would slowly suck up the water because it was so dry. the spirit's energy was low and trying to recharge, like a battery first put into a charger.

at that point I had to focus very strongly on bolstering my own protection, so my personal energy didn't automatically get sucked into the vortex of energy before me. I felt very much the way one might with a migraine headache coming on... mindless, pain building, unable to see or think clearly enough to stop the onset. at the same time as I focused on shoring up my protection, I called to the guides and spirit helpers to surround me with a sort of 'shell' of Reiki energy, until I was able to protect myself fully (and I thought I'd done that before I ever started the Reiki!).

soon, I felt disconnected enough that I was able to stand straight again, and start thinking about how in the world I was supposed to proceed from here! I've never encountered a situation like this before, and I was feeling rather awestruck. not only was it an amazing experience in & of itself to this point, but I felt deeply honoured to merely be in the presence of this ancient, deeply spiritual - and I'm tempted to say 'holy' - being, much less be in this situation where I felt I was actually being asked & trusted to offer some sort of aid. I still had tears rolling down my face, if only from the sheer magnitude/strength of the energy and need of the spirit, and the awe I felt at being given this honour, but my mind was working again and I knew that I couldn't do less than direct as much Reiki as possible to this spirit. at the same time, I wanted to express my respect but I wasn't exactly sure how. I didn't feel right gazing at the face in the mist, so I bowed my head and I raised my palms so that they were pointing directly at this mass of energy in front of me. I consciously drew the Reiki in through my crown chakra, to pass through my energy channels and out my palms to the spirit in front of me.

what happened then was quite amazing. at the beginning, when I first saw the face of the spirit, he was old, gray and wrinkled... very well 'worn', you might say. as I felt the Reiki energy being drawn in by this spirit, I sensed a change in his demeanor. although I couldn't see his body, I could sense when he began to stand straighter again, and his energy became lighter, brighter, and stronger all at the same time. I chanced a peek towards the energy (this is all in my mind, by the way - I had my eyes closed the whole time) and surprisingly, the face I saw was much younger, stronger, more clearly defined... it was as if the ravages of time had literally been reversed and the spirit's energy was returned to a more vigorous state.

a couple of points of note are important here, I think. first of all, it's quite possible (probably even most likely) that the 'face' and all physical representations I saw of this spirit were my own creations, built out of whatever stereotypical visualization of a 'typical' old-soul Native American Indian. as a matter of fact, the older face I saw looked suspiciously like that of one I've seen on an American coin before. feathers in the hair & all. the younger image looked much like a picture I saw on a book cover once. I suspect my mind merely interpreted visually what I felt of the soul, based on images I've seen over time of this race of peoples. I wasn't necessarily actually seeing a true physical representation of what the spirit had looked like in the flesh at some point(s), in other words, but just a 'stand-in' so that I could most comfortably relate to the energy of the spirit and what was happening energetically.

the other point is that my town has always had a decent-size population of Native American Indians. in fact, the house I was physically in during this ritual is right next to one of our local reservations; I'm wondering, therefore, if the spirit-energy I encountered was actually that of a spirit in my own physical space rather than one that was actually over your door. it's possible that, although I was sending distance Reiki to your home, the spirit I encountered was located in my own area rather than your home, and just stepped in to get a treatment while I was performing this ritual (so to speak).

having said all that, I *did* get the impression that this spirit's purpose is to 'guard' your home; ie, to try to protect you in whatever way, as one of your guardian spirits. if true, perhaps that would explain why the energy seemed less vibrant before the treatment, because the spirit perhaps would have absorbed much of the negative energy entering your home, in its protective duties. I really got the impression that this spirit specifically stands guard over the 'energetic gateway' into your physical space, but specifically *at* your home.

to conclude, I spent some time working with this spirit, directing Reiki to him and eventually receiving his blessing in return. I say 'blessing', because I'm not sure what else to call it. all I can say is that I was incredibly touched and honoured to be in the presence of this spirit, offering aid (and communicated this to it), and felt as if I did receive from the spirit some sort of blessing for my help, in the end. all the while, the rest of the spirit helpers were surrounding me, bolstering the Reiki being sent, but they had retreated quite far into the distance while I worked with this spirit energy hovering over your door.

when the 'ritual' was coming to its natural conclusion, I became distracted in my physical surroundings because I was needed there. I feel I broke off the flow of the Reiki a bit too abruptly, but I did manage to get out some thanks to the guides and helpers, along with a sincere thanks to the spirit I had exchanged energy with, for the blessing I had received.

I wanted SO badly to contact you immediately with this whole story, but the best I could do was to go to your blog as soon as I was able to, afterwards, & beg you to check your email, hehe (and then just keep adding bits to this as I was able, until I'm finally done!).

I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to get the whole thing down in writing for you. I would rather get these sort of details to a recipient of Reiki more quickly after a treatment, because often what resonates with me as something I need to tell a person is related to something the person might notice in their own life at the same time. it's not 'important' just for the sake of the telling, but I feel it could sometimes be vitally important for the person's knowledge. possibly, there's some sort of 'message' to the recipient, passed through me to them during the Reiki treatment. then there's the possibility that, at the time of the treatment, the recipient may have some intuitively parallel experience(s)... I feel synchronicity in this regard is often 'telling', as regards some issue(s) that a person may need to be aware of and/or inspect in his/her current life.

by the way, just as an aside, I feel that the colours you've chosen for your home, and all that you keep within it (at least in the area I've concentrated on, so far) are definitely the right ones to support and enhance your energy :). just a 'suspicion'... they felt completely 'right' there, to me.

so that's it!

- - - - - - - -

this below was a second email I sent to Dreama, info I had forgotten to tell her about in the first email about her home's Reiki treatment

I totally forgot to tell you about the bit of mental 'fun' I had, right before I started directing the Reiki to the windows & doorway!

after I had Reiki'd the corners, I did this sort of 'swirl' thing, where I turned in a circle in the center of the room with my palms facing outwards from my body (held sort of sideways), so as to sort of fill & cover the whole space with Reiki. after a couple of turns, I remembered the ornaments you told me were standing & hanging in this space, and I got this uncontrollable urge to 'tinkle' the hanging ones. just a fancy, but I imagined the pressure of the incoming Reiki being absorbed & sort of 'reflected' off these hanging ornaments, and asked the spirit helpers to give them a little push too so they'd swing around a bit, hehe. fun to play, sometimes, keep it light ;). I felt that the helpers were again a bit amused by me, but that some of the more playful spirits agreed and helped by pushing or blowing on the hanging ones to get them swaying. I was picturing in my mind what they might look & sound like, hehe (and hoping, if you were right there & they really *did* start to move, that you wouldn't freak out!!).

that's all, but as I said, this was right before I turned my attention to Reiki'ing over the windows & doorway :).

- - - - - - - -

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Dreama answered my emails with various comments of her own about the whole treatment and follow-up information I sent, including some feelings about the spirit energy I encountered; although I feel you might be interested in what she had to say, I don't want to inadvertently repeat anything she'd rather I didn't. this, then, is an invitation to Dreama to - IF she cares to - share some of those comments with you here, herself. I feel she's already done a lot though, just by allowing me to talk about the whole experience including her identity, so I don't want her to feel pressured here to make any comments!

however, I believe that even if Dreama doesn't leave any comments here, she *might* be willing to answer specific questions you put to her privately; if you have any, and Dreama hasn't commented on this entry on my blog within a few days from its posting, please go to Dreama's blog and use her 'contact me' link to contact her privately with your ~polite~ ;) request to answer your question(s).

by the way, Dreama - it really wasn't hard work at all, and my own personal energy hardly came into it at all, except as mentioned when I first encountered the spirit energy. yes, it was an intense experience and the preparation took me some time, but it was truly a pleasure for me all the way through - and will still be a pleasure when I get to continue treating the rest of your home, I'm sure :). once again, thank you for this opportunity - and *namaste* - my friend. x

one of the special things I experience when doing Reiki for anyone/any purpose is that I actually get a sort of 'secondary' treatment at the same time - so I benefit in more ways than only the learning and helping experience! I am open to requests, also (though be warned: I tend to be a bit slow to get any treatments accomplished, lately) - so please feel free to contact me if you'd like to experience a distance Reiki treatment yourself - or if you're actually living in my area I can always come directly to your home to do one :).

* namaste: for anyone who doesn't know the word, means: 'I honour the light of your spirit'.

(I've researched it a bit & although I found a few different meanings for 'namaste', I've chosen to use this specific translation when I use the word)

babbled by loz - 12:31 am

November 29, 2004   02:09 AM PST
it is pretty wild eh Shalloola? sometimes, after a while has passed & I read or think about something I wrote about Reiki, it feels like a dream... except it's all just as clear as when it first happened. very cool.

Brandy, thanks :). does your little girl understand the concept, then? I think it's wonderful that she's being exposed to these new ideas at a young age!

November 27, 2004   09:57 AM PST
my daughter does a "kid's yoga" video and the teacher explains at the end that namaste "means 'the light in me honors the light in you'" so, yes, I think your interpretation is right on the money; to me its an easy way for westerners to understand the concpet. :)
November 26, 2004   09:51 PM PST
I can not even begin to express how amazing all of this sounds. To be so open to these experiences is incredibly inspiring. I'd never heard of this before you mentioned here on your blog....and now I'm intrigued.
November 24, 2004   02:59 AM PST
thank you so much for coming (and for reading it all again, hehe) & commenting, Dreama! your comments - both the initial email ones and these here on my entry - mean a lot to me :).

I too found these type of experiences very strange, when I first heard about them - even a bit scary, truth to tell. that was only until I started working with Reiki energy and realizing how positive the energy is, and how to protect myself from any negative energies around me also. I think just having the Reiki attunements, working with the energy, became an automatic protection for me, since it's 'white light' I work with. nothing 'dark' can stand to come near that :).

anyway, surely I've babbled on here enough by now, hahaha. thanks again, Dreama! and again, it really has been my pleasure to do the cleansing/charging for you :).

that's what I call a successful energy exchange!

November 24, 2004   02:32 AM PST
I couldn't wait to read your entry when I saw your tag. First of all, I read the whole Tho I knew reiki was a powerful means of physical healing, I never realized it could also be a means of emotional healing. But it does make perfect sense. I would like to thank you again Loz for extending yourself to do my cleansing/charging. The native spirit you encountered would naturally be drawn to my doorway as I have native american feathers hanging above it. The native american warrior I encountered on a camping trip left me with the same sacred holy feeling you experienced, like I had been blessed. I sense your native spirit was of high status in his tribe, a chief but more like a shaman, esp at this moment as I am feeling him quite strongly. I too believe our spirit lives on, angelic-like with the ability to guide & assist us. As for the cleansing/charging, you're amazing Loz. After my own saging, my home felt renewed and positive. But since the cleansing/charging, my home now feels sacred, blessed. I feel this native spirit standing guard at my doorway. I sense he will never leave me. I'm not certain if he is one of my ancestors, but I know when the time comes, he will walk with me & guide me from this physical realm. All of this I just received from him & even felt him smile. I know for those of you who have never experienced this kind of thing, it may sound a little wierd, loony actually. I used to feel the same way, until my husband died & I think because I wanted to connect with him so much, my mind and energy opened up so to speak & since then I have experienced some amazing things. As Loz was expressing, the more you believe and open up to receiving the reiki, the more effective and powerful the results will be. I am so excited for your experience Loz & thank you for the guardian you guided to my doorway. :)

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