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Sunday, April 04, 2004
nipple poll now here

I may get a groan or the like out of Peter over this one, but I decided to add the nipple poll to my blog *G*.

see, years ago, sometime after we met online in 1999, Peter & I got to talking about nipples. we agree that nipples are good, nipples are fun, nipples are necessary for human happiness. during our discussions, we talked about people whose nipples either work fabulously well, or don't work at all.

defective nipples... I always wonder if women who get boob jobs - or even those who get piercings! - actually have working nipples. who would want to put their nipples at risk of damage just to add a bit of fat underneath them, or to get a little extra thrill, if the nipples worked properly to begin with? well that's my opinion anyway, but maybe it's just that mine work great & I would never want to fool with that.

anyhoo, Peter and I wondered if sexually sensitive nipples were the norm or not, so we decided to start the nipple poll. it wasn't long after that the question arose of just how sensitive some nipples might be. this was based on a knowledge we shared that it's possible for some people ~ women at least, we knew ~ to actually come to orgasm just from nipple stimulation. now those're some great-working nipples! but do some men's nipples work so well too?

Peter & I started asking these questions of people we ran into online, most especially in a chat room we both frequented at the time called Club GabbayI was sort of 'keeper of the count', but unfortunately I've lost track of where I saved the original (ie, pre-2004) answers. all I can say now for sure is that many males and most females answered yes to the first question, but all males answered 'no' to the second question. a number of both male and female  - mostly males, only a few females - answered 'no' to the first question, and only about 6 or 7 females answered 'yes' to the second question.

below you can see the original questions I just referred to in the paragraph above, the same ones that were posed on the original nipple poll on this blog. the questions & format have changed a bit over time as I've had to adjust the questions and/or responses to different polling systems... may very easily change again, in future! however, the nipple poll has and always will remain true to the main question - have you ever had an orgasm from nipple stimulation only? - for both males and females.

now, with this blog, I've realized that I have an easy way to keep track of the answers! and so, I give you....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

the nipple poll

find the poll form under the tag board and calendar, on the left side of this page, and enter your response if you have not already done so.
thanks for participating in the nipple poll!

if you would like to contact me to introduce yourself and/or give your nipple poll response, comments, questions, etc, please click the 'contact me' link (on the left side of the page, near the bottom) to email me directly. please indicate also whether you have submitted your response via the poll form already, so I won't enter your emailed response again. I'm always interested in discussion about this, experiences, etc., so feel free to contact me if you have anything to say about the sexually-sensitive nipple issue or the poll - or indeed, about anything at all.

if you'd like to link to the nipple poll on your own blog/webpage, feel free to save the image below to your hard drive (right-click on the image, click 'save image as' from the menu), and use it on your webpage to link to this URL:

thanks for spreading the word!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

the original nipple poll questions, below
(replies to the original can be seen under 'click to see all poll results' at left)

1. are your nipples sexually sensitive?
type yes or no in the box

if your answer to #1 is yes, go on to the second question:

2. have you ever had an orgasm from nipple stimulation only?
type yes or no in the box

3. are you M or F?
type M for male or F for female in the box

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

now, I just have to add that there's ONE person I polled who wasn't able to get their answers to me after all. if by any far-fetched chance you're reading this (you'll know if you are who I mean when I say you were going to send your answers in a very specific way), please know that I still reallllllllly want to know what your answers are! mail me, baby ;). hehehe.

those of you reading this blog on at least a semi-regular basis might also realize I've added a count-down at the top of the page (nb: at time I wrote this entry... gone now). this count-down refers to the most brilliant, talented, multi-instrumentalist-and-voice-of-angelist: English musician, Lewis Taylor. his new album - Stoned | Pt. Two - came out on March 1/04. the first gigs in support of the album are happening at the Jazz Cafe in London on April 26, 27, 28, and 29. and I'm going to be there for all four!! well, providing all my arrangements work out, but that's a whole other story I don't even want to get into at this time.

I've never been to England, never seen Lewis play live, never met all the people I will meet in this one short period of time. I've been into Lewis' music since my dear friend Michael introduced me to it in January of 2000 though, totally hooked & supporting Lewis however I can because I just love what he does. if you go to the site his name (above) links to, you'll find a 'fanclub' link on the main page. I built that fanclub, though it wasn't exactly called that to begin with. in any case, it's the site online where those of us who are crazy for Lewis' music put up some details about ourselves so we could all get to know each other a bit better. it desperately needs an update with proper navigational system though, so don't say I didn't warn you, if you go visit ;). I'm also moderator at the forums, and hold the dubious honours of having the most posts there (over 1,000 now) as well as having been given the 'biggest fan ever' award (a couple of fans made those up). besides that, once Lewis came around to chat with us all there, he eventually gave me permission to publish a newsletter about his goings-on. I guess I didn't really need his permission, but I wanted to have it because I only want to publish what's known and real about Lewis; prior to his 'coming out', Lewis was thought of as being a rather moody, eccentric recluse. he might be all those things, but he's also an incredibly friendly, funny, and generally insane person, besides just being so brilliant musically-speaking.

anyway, I really could go on about Lewis forever (I proved once that he is God... don't ask, or I may not shut up). I don't think he's God anymore though, because he's proved part of the definition to be false just by coming to chat with us at the forums occasionally.

another good thing about being a fan of Lewis' is that it not only gives me an excuse to go to London, it gives me a reason to meet with all these people I've been chatting online with on a regular basis since 2000. and of course, it gives me the excuse to finally meet Peter in person after all this time :). I must say, if I got to London and couldn't go to the gigs or meet all those other people, I'd be gutted... but it would all be fine in the end because of the amount of time I'd have to spend with Peter! and the love is going to take me to his band's practise while I'm there, so I'll get to meet the other 2/3 of CTV too! I'll also get to meet some of the other people associated with our ink1 project while I'm there... this trip is multi-purpose, though I could really use a few extra weeks over there. the way things are shaping up at the moment, though, it looks like I may not get over there early enough to go spend those few days with Michael & Marion in Holland :(. I can't imagine being so close (relatively speaking) and not getting there after all, but it's a real possibility I'm afraid.

okay, I think I've gone on long enough now, I'm just babbling thoughts as they come to me, no real direction now. I shall leave off, and expect to get a whole bunch of answers coming in about the nipple poll. once I start getting them, I'll post the submitted numbers underneath the poll form. so get answering people!

nb: this original entry has been *slightly* modified on 06/23/06 to add the nipple poll image/link and remove outdated nipple-poll info/instructions.

babbled by loz - 01:22 am

May 2, 2004   08:00 PM PDT
S.- don't know if you'll be back to see this (or think to look here if you come back), but I wanted to leave you a note that I'm very sorry to hear about your recent loss.

*really* looking forward to seeing you very soon.

April 19, 2004   07:58 AM PDT
cool, thanks steve :).

April 18, 2004   04:27 PM PDT
Looking forward to your visit to London/Upminster.
April 4, 2004   04:15 AM PDT
hey cool, Winston. thanks for the comment, and I do hope you enjoy the music if/when you check Lewis out - great stuff. lots of downloads (approved by LT) on the audio page of the fansite.

April 4, 2004   04:05 AM PDT
This doesn't fit in the poll really, so I'll put it here. I know someone who had stuff done to her boobs, and she found them frustratinlgy insensitive. She seems to be in the minority in my experience.
As for Lewis Taylor, I've never heard of him. I'll be looking into this "local" chap forthwith (I'm a brit too)...

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