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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
mobs more music - Michael Parker

mooshy big kisses & a thank you first of all, to Kearon de Clouet for so kindly letting me link to allllll that audio & video of his! brilliant stuff, and I'm looking forward to getting both his enhanced cd and his new album. don't forget that you can still access KdC's stuff from my blog if/when you want: click here for the original entry.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                         michael parker  Michael Parker

wow... what to say about Michael and his music? he's one of my dearest friends in the world, for one thing. when I last posted I was feeling a bit lonely & decided I could really use a shot of 'morkle' to cheer me. I mentioned before that I wish I could swim in Michael's voice, and that I'm sure it could bring me back to life should he sing over me on my death bed. true; I find Michael's voice and music very healing, somehow. maybe it's partly to do with him being so firmly entrenched in my heart, but there's just a magic something he's got, as an artist... wonderful stuff, and a wonderful person, oozing oodles of talent and creativity.

anyway, so I was feeling alone & restless and decided to spend some time listening to Michael's music. besides listening when I just want to hear him, I often do this when I'm feeling down because I always end up feeling better after playing M's stuff - even if I wasn't feeling down to begin with. no difference this time, and I started out having a good cry. it's like Michael's voice just resonates in such a way within me that my senses are all stimulated... emotions get shaken up & forced out my pores or something. seriously, it's not just mental/emotional for me but also a physical-type thing. his music comes in many shapes, with many elements - ambient, often alternative (haha), acoustic, atmospheric, eggy, electronic, jazzy, includes odd and cool samples, funky bass, fab guitar, sexy sounds, whiskey-type voice (and etc. etc. etc.) - and always moves me and makes me feel something, one way or another. Michael could use most any sound/sample and it'd be good and right within his music (that's not an exaggeration: I have proof). and did I mention his voice is completely yummy?

when I started listening last night I was also reminded of my last day in Holland when Michael & I spent the afternoon in his studio. it was a really cool feeling being there. at one point he grabbed the git & fired up this loopy machine thingy he's got. and pedals... there are pedals, and tons of instruments & knobs & sliders & switches & flashy light-things, everywhere! and a troll. anyway, we're sitting there in his studio drinking guiness & listening to music, recording hours of our babble, and Michael starts playing his guitar. MAN! I had the biggest rush, it was a bit like 'deja vu', or like a karmic experience you know you're living as you're living it. how often had I seen just this - Michael sitting playing - but via video on the net? how often had M & I sat online doing the same thing... just visiting? and how often had I imagined our first meeting in the 3D, knowing we'd be doing exactly what we were doing? it was, to say the least, a very emotional moment for me. and Michael was busy playing & stamping/poking pedals & doing loopy-music stuff so - luckily - I'm pretty sure he missed my eyes getting all moist-like all of a sudden ;).

that all should explain how last night I started out a bit lonely and ended up totally and happily involved in choosing what music to put up here for you all to check out; getting it ready, uploaded, etc. lonely begone :). this 'healing' concept I mention is really worth repeating though, because it's just the neatest thing. it's like sometimes I get clogged-up with emotion stuck inside me and Michael's music & voice knock a hole in the dam & help the emotion drain away. eventually it ebbs off and I'm left in this kind of hypnotic state like sitting in a warm vat of feel-good. I'd bottle this phenomenon if I could! Michael is a warm & fuzzy - even just the sound of him (and not just a bit sexy, though of course I note this in a remote-appreciation kind of way ;). don't beat me, Marion!).

well the greater part of the above babble is too subjective for anyone but me to really relate to - and really doesn't tell you enough about the music itself - so I'll get on with it here. Michael has kindly told me that I can put up whatever I want. mwaaaahhh-ha-ha-haaaaa!!! well no, just kidding M - nothing sinister here ;). I may be delving into a certain bit of music that Michael might not expect me to put online (ie, the kirk ampere collection sounds), but it all sounds great & I really wanted to share with you all a collection of Michael's music that means a lot to me.

worth noting here so you can also snoop him out on the net, is that Michael is actually involved in all sorts of projects. the music I'm posting here is basically his 'personal' stuff. noise seduction is his business-type site where you can find audio & video of the professional soundwork Michael does for various producers, firms and purposes; you can find news and/or links to other MP musical projects there also. 2AG is music that Michael and his cohort Ray Firing of Holland make, and Michael also provides the important guitars for our ink1 group. Michael is in fact the one to blame for the fact that you can't shut me up (re: recorded vocals) now... our 'silence' track is sort of the ground from whence ink1 sprouted, in a rather round-about-and-off-to-the-side-once-removed, 'long-story' kind of way. you can also check out Michael's klankstof, which is a new project I'll provide vocals for along the way. the man is just so creative, in so many areas! 

now then, it is my great pleasure to present to you a number of tracks - seven! - of Michael Parker's music. I know if you enjoy one, you'll want to hear another... and then another... and then another. and so on. it's addictive, I tell you! the songs offered here have been recorded at various times through the years, but these just happen to be my current favourite versions of each. 'some things never change', by the way, is the first song of Michael's that I ever heard, and remains one of my most-favourite to this day (partly because of its sentimental value). it's also, almost without fail, the first track I play whenever I sit down to listen to a collection of morkle sounds.

so... enjoy!

your love is everywhere : 5.85 mb, 4:16 ('a catalog of trial & error', 1994)
out there : 5.85 mb, 4:16 ('a catalog of trial & error', 1994)
old friends : 3.75 mb, 2:20 ('studio rough mix', 2001)
some things never change : 1.75 mb, 1:54 ('live & croaky' - kirk ampere vcd collection - 2003)
ghost in my heart : 1.83 mb, 2:00 ('live & croaky' - kirk ampere vcd collection - 2003)
tonight watches me waiting : 3.18 mb, 3:28 ('live & croaky' - kirk ampere vcd collection - 2003)
silence : 3.43 mb, 2:59 (m. parker & l. fraser, 2002)

babbled by loz - 07:37 pm

June 4, 2004   10:59 AM PDT
it was, of course, my great pleasure, my friend! and thank YOU for the new 'live & croakier' stuff! love it - still listening as I type :).

June 4, 2004   06:23 AM PDT
aw shucks, thanks m'dear!
such kind worms.. twas a wonderful thing to meet up and have some time.. without pixelation and in 3d.. bless yr cotton ones

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