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Thursday, June 24, 2004
the music of Peter Dahl-Collins, here now

okay, I know I'm obsessed. forgive me, but I just have to do this because I am loving CrashTV so much and missing the music-makers themselves - after visiting them in their element in early May - as well. bit of a twist on this one though... I want to feature my friend Peter Dahl-Collins here, as mentioned in the blog-title, rather than just his band CrashTV (since I've gone on about them before & will do again in future).

before I get started, I want to send out huge love to my dear friend Michael Parker for so kindly allowing me to present here a bunch of his music. I love to share M's stuff because it's just so special in so many ways, and he's one of the most creative, talented artists I personally know. I hope you all were able to enjoy Michael's music while it was featured, but if not you can always go to the original entry & check out the tunes from there. I wish I was at liberty to talk about Michael's current (huge) project because it's something very special; I can't so I shan't, but do expect to hear more about this talented artist in the fairly near future! (besides, I just lurrrve to talk about Michael, hehe).


and so...

Peter Dahl-Collins

Peter Dahl-Collins

Peter is another dear friend of mine, and is - not coincidentally - the man who so kindly opened his home and his spare futon to me while I was visiting London in April/May.

I first met Peter online in 1999 when I came across a personal website he had online at the time, which led me to his design site; he's an extremely talented web designer, working with Flash - but more about this after the music bit. I actually saw the design portfolio before I heard the music - CrashTV - but it wasn't long before I got familiar with the music, too. after that it wasn't too long before Peter started sending me bits of music as CrashTV made it, and then he sent me a couple of older albums, and eventually we ended up collaborating on the ink1 music project. Peter has also in the past worked with the band Dreamfield, formed by talented lady musician Poppy Gonzalez (hah, P, I spelled it right this time!). you can check out Dreamfield music - including some produced &/or remixed by Peter - at this Dreamfield music page. ink1 is also very fortunate and very pleased to have Poppy as a contributor of vocals, and I am very pleased and very fortunate to have had the pleasure of meeting & spending time with Poppy during my trip to England.

below are links to the most recent track from CrashTV and to an ink1 track that is (otherwise) only available if you purchase our first album. it won't be up here forever, so I suggest you listen now if you want to listen at all ;). all the CrashTV and ink1 music is produced by Peter, and he also does all the drums and bass for both groups - and in fact does all the ink1 music period, other than Michael Parker's important guitars that are part of ink1 sounds.



listen lo-fi
listen hi-fi


listen lo-fi
listen hi-fi


4.94 mb - 128 kbps mp3
music by Peter Dahl-Collins, vocals by yours truly

downhill (below the burrow)

listen lo-fi
listen hi-fi

* links removed now... hear some ink1 at our music page instead *

music by Peter Dahl-Collins, guitars by Michael Parker, vocals by Father Time

don't forget to check out the CrashTV music page, and come visit us at ink1 interactive here on here again is the link to the Dreamfield music page, where you can hear their music including a track produced by Peter and the anime remix of Christopher's Dream by Peter.

pictures of CrashTV, from their band night that I was at:

da Voice I lurrrrrve so much    Peter Dahl-Collins & singer Steve Yeates

Chris Collins, guitarist

as for Peter's design talents... well I just have to say, Peter is my Flash god. really! I wish I had 1/4 the talent this man has in his little finger. you can check out some of his designs if you click to visit Design Resurrection. when you get there, click 'websites' on the left, then click the 'portfolio' button on the page.

I think one of the most important things that makes Peter's creative ventures so captivating is his ability to think outside - and over a bit - of the box. he's taught me a lot - purely by osmosis, as he never tries - about how to look at things from new perspectives, and has helped open my mind to many new (and previously dismissed, in some cases) concepts. besides... Peter's just brilliant, period. I've always thought it would be fascinating to get in his mind & rummage around a bit, see how it ticks (ooer, could be scary!). if you ever see this Peter Dahl-Collins name attached to any project, make sure you check it out... it won't disappoint. he really should be making music for film - a comment you'll see a lot in relation to Peter - because what he does is so rich & textured, atmospheric & evocative!

all that & Peter's a wonderful friend as well... kind, caring, gentle. lucky me :). check him out.

ps: point at the pictures - any I post up here - to see the description/name of the subject.

babbled by loz - 04:56 am

June 26, 2004   01:50 PM PDT
haha I'd forgotten about the beach pic.
June 25, 2004   09:17 PM PDT
ah... and petercut.jpg was the one I scanned in? (ie, you sitting in front of the monster mac/desk looking like a normal person?)

anyway, count yourself lucky the 'was 95' pic didn't turn up there, hahaha. I was looking in my folder online, thinking I had that one there from your own video tape (I'd posted that one at IC before, remember?), but all I could find was a different one, but I couldn't see it for some reason... later at home I checked & whaddaya know? Peter half-naked on beach, haha.

alright mate, I'll change the picture - it was just supposed to be YOU in it anyway :).

June 25, 2004   12:24 PM PDT
ah, the lovely amapola :). sorry about the game glitch, but very glad to hear studio happenings are a'happenin' with success. wish I was there *sigh*. I watched the May 6 studio biz the other night and smiled at you all :).

hope all's well on the homefront - give my love to the munchkin.

June 25, 2004   09:32 AM PDT
ah yes, I am in Brighton at the moment (what? oh, i yes, I live ehre) -
I am today, surrounded by snoring men, one husband just bacck from USA (upstairs) and jetlagged and the infamous PDC who is currently snoring on my sofa (downstairs).

Mr PDC and I are trying to recover from the completely mind bogglingly stressful Portugal - England European cup game last night, which saw England go out of the competition on a penalty shootout and a perfectly good goal disallowed by a biased ref (Swiss - and we put the Swiss out in a former match) -

Still creative happenings in studios during the day were entirely more successful :-)

June 24, 2004   09:16 AM PDT
bless yer mate :). and yeah, Brighton! I loved Brighton, I could very easily live there.

did you mean the 'car' was spooky? (hehe, well we've scared the pants off a few people with it so far ;)).

hope the shops were kind to you this day.

June 24, 2004   07:03 AM PDT
OMG.. Brighton! :))))

This is spooky... for a number of reasons...

"A handy little implement".. I just love that line. I'm digging all of this very much.

More to explore, but shopping comes first - laters...


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