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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
of childtime and summerhood

official summer time begins... Bren's last day at school was today. Dunc has been off school for a week now, though just picked up his final report card at the school today. I haven't seen either of the reports yet, but I know they will as usual show the boys have done well so I'm not too concerned. Grad tonight in my town. there are cars everywhere, crowds of girls with corsages & boys in fancy suits.

tonight while driving to pick up Bren from a friend's place just outside of town, I was reminded of my childhood: the heat, and the scent that stirs party-time hormones. or something like that. I drove past the scene of a teenage drama, and for a moment current time existed in juxtaposition with years ago. it's a bit of a strange feeling, to live in an area you've been familiar with throughout your time... so much changes, and yet so much stays the same. it's hard not to have expectations, under conditions like these.

my friend See will recall this too, a shared memory... Cal's station wagon, full of teen bodies mostly female; white van driver threatening beer bottle mayhem as we chased towards the drive-in location. I think we had passed the van & the driver didn't take kindly to that. I'm not sure what we thought the driver could do to hurt us with that beer bottle, but I know the drama had us suitably freaked out.

summerhood... a time of summer scents and expectations all mixed up with the reality of what is. there's a special feeling that comes with the advent of hot weather & summer holidays... a presumption that joins an anticipation of something great about to happen, all in a melange of past experience, freedom and heat. I experience summer heat in a primal, instinctive way that has nothing to do with what is but with what might be, what seems it could so easily be... that's about as much as I can say without straying into thoughts less appropriate ;). summertime, and the dreaming is easier.

times like tonight, I wish I could re-live past summers. I want to experience again the excitement of the unknown, the thrill of new beginnings and the drama of new loves; even the hesitation of past uncertainty seems welcome. I'd like to be back in Cal Draney's station wagon, travelling the roads of our youth... what does a gravel pit have in common with a body suit? hahaha. See, do you ever miss it like I do right now? canoes, moonlight & a bit of madness, all mixed together. makes for some powerful sensory memories.

I'd like to be back in London & area, right now. while I'm sure that doesn't need explaining, the statement actually contains a whole host of meaning beyond just missing P & other friends. I'd *love* to experience summer in England. oh, not the weather, specifically... there are things (and people) there that would just go so well with this summer feeling.

I suddenly seem to be in the mood to write a romance novel; something in the Desire or Temptation line, I think... love bytes. hey! don't steal that, it's mine.

well anything's possible in summerhood, oui?

babbled by loz - 12:36 am

July 3, 2004   12:25 PM PDT
quite possible. he actually was far less octopi-like if you caught him on his own.

July 2, 2004   04:11 AM PDT
HE was moral?! hahaha... I can hardly imagine! in any case, yeah, I think I knew he was bright... and I remember liking him despite his craziness. I'm just all of a sudden imagining the same sort of thing (you know what I'm talking about), but in present day terms... ie, follow through, haha.



July 1, 2004   11:21 PM PDT
oh wow! yeah, all that & more...

speaking of 'back then', I'm just suddenly remembered of the fritz... do you have any current(ish) info? curious....


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