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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Reiki, part two - how it works & experiences

as you'll notice, I've expanded on the Reiki series titles. I thought it appropriate, to make the contents of each part more immediately apparent.

be that as it may, I've decided to make this a three-part series at this point, since I have some quite immediate information to include in this entry.

in Reiki, part one I mentioned that I feel a bit uncomfortable calling myself a healer still, because the true healer is the recipient of the Reiki; it's that person who has made the decision to accept the Reiki to further their own healing, whatever they may require; it's that person's body and spirit that make best use of whatever healing energy is drawn in; it's that person who ultimately heals or doesn't heal, according to her/his own spirit's master plan and life lessons, karma, subconscious blocks, conscious intent, and so on. for instance, I often wonder: if I had a true, pure intent to heal myself - and if that intent matched my life's plan and my true subconscious desire, etc. - would I still be suffering *any* of the pain I'm currently suffering? I think my injuries/conditions (if not my pain itself) must be part of my life's plans, but that's all a peripheral and/or parallel discussion, just food for thought at this point. for now, let me tell you how this relates to Reiki healing in my own case, specifically.

on Tuesday when I wrote the Reiki, part one entry, I had just finished doing Reiki for myself, hoping to at least ease the increased aches and pains I've been feeling in my body recently. as I mentioned, I took the Reiki II training/attunement in order to learn how to do distance Reiki because after my accident I had such a small range of motion in my left arm that I couldn't even get my hands behind myself to do Reiki on my lower back. doing distance Reiki for myself made it possible to sit comfortably and receive the Reiki, even while I kept my hands on the object I used to represent myself during the treatment. I followed the same procedure on Tuesday, and felt quite relaxed and comfortable when I finished. I was at Gran's at the time and since she was having a snooze - and because I had Reiki on the brain, fresh from my own treatment - I then spent a bit of time writing the Reiki, part one entry.

as soon as - no kidding: as soon as - I stood up from the computer, I felt flu-like aches and pains slam into me, all through my body; my head got stuffy and dizzy, and I started to feel some nausea. the aches and pains were so bad that my left shoulder clicked a bit whenever I moved it and a shooting pain that happened at the same time made my arm feel broken, right above my bicep. I went from feeling wonderful to feeling like I was about to die - seriously! - in a heartbeat. I was with Gran for about another hour, until my cousin came to take over, and by the time I left for home my teeth were starting to chatter from the cold I felt inside. at home, though, Bren felt my forehead and said I was really hot. I was suffering this fever at the same time as I felt like there was a cold wind circulating about, within my body.

at first, I felt so terrible I was just concerned with laying down. after some sleep, though, I started thinking about the fact that this hit me SO suddenly. I believe these symptoms were actually brought on by the Reiki, though I state quite emphatically that - as miserable as the flu is - it's a good thing that's happened. it may seem like an argument that Reiki made me sick, but the truth is that the Reiki did exactly what I wanted it to do for me, though I didn't anticipate the way it would come about. the mystery of Reiki is that it works in very individual ways according to each recipient and his/her needs, but there are some predictable factors that I also should have remembered, and that I should remember to tell *each* recipient about. my apologies to those I've neglected to mention this possible phenomenon to!!

I've pointed out that the recipient is actually the healer; what that means in practical terms in relation to Reiki is that when the Reiki energy enters a person's body, it not only goes to wherever the recipient needs it most, but it actually speeds up the body's natural healing abilities. the stronger a body's healing ability, the more efficient is the Reiki healing. in my case, while I was doing Reiki for myself, I was imagining that the Reiki was ridding my body of stored toxins, and I visualized a 'grounding' cord running from the bottoms of my feet into the center of the earth. breathing the Reiki in through my crown (top of the head) chakra and circulating it throughout my body, I imagined it collecting all the impurities and 'dark' energies on its way, and I directed this impure energy out through the grounding in my feet, to be sent to the center of the earth where it could be burned up and released back to the earth as cleansed energy. I could actually feel a sort of 'tugging' in the soles of my feet and I could feel the fresh, pure Reiki energy coming into my body from above, as I did this visualization.

the long & short of this story is that I believe the Reiki is doing exactly what I asked for: ridding my body of toxins, flushing them out of my system. coming on top of the healing massage I'd had the day before, I'd say this is a double-whammy and no wonder my body has reacted so strongly! I should have realized, from my Reiki training and all that I've experienced with it so far, that something like this was quite possible. ever since I've had the Reiki, the experience and effects of my own healing have increased in speed. it's not surprising to me then that not an hour after experiencing what felt like a very effective Reiki treatment, my body was working to rid itself of accumulated toxins and reacted - with symptoms like flu - to the increase of those toxins in my blood stream, which naturally would be used to flush the system.

while I feel like crap, I also feel really good to be able to affirm once again the efficacy of Reiki healing. the moral of this story is to remember - and to tell all my Reiki recipients - that it's important after a Reiki treatment to drink lots of water (to aid the body in healing/flushing/purification), get extra rest, and to know the possiblity exists that symptoms of the body healing itself could be felt. sometimes that might mean a slight headache, sometimes drowsiness, sometimes euphoria, sometimes waves of emotion... the list is endless, and very individual to what each person is healing in themselves. another good example of this is that when I got my Reiki I attunement, I experienced this type of healing in a giant way; at the time, I also experienced a big emotional upheaval from the intensity of the Reiki attunement itself, and I dealt with a number of emotional issues that I hadn't fully dealt with prior to the Reiki attunement. I even speculate that somehow my accident was a way of 'cleansing' my life/spirit of something as well, or perhaps a way of making me start over and rebuild parts of it; a fresh - though painful - start, if you will.

this effect of the Reiki attunement, by the way, is one major reason why it's not advisable to try to take *all* the Reiki attunements and training within a short period of time. the body simply has too much to adjust to with each attunement, as it purifies the system. think of the body like a plugged drain and the Reiki attunement (and indeed the Reiki treatment itself, to lesser degrees depending on the recipient/healing issue) as the drain de-clogger. it's one intense shot of gunk-cleaner, and you'd better be prepared for the speed of removal!

this is much longer already than I had actually planned, and I still have a lot to tell you about how Reiki is used and experienced. okay, after a bit of thought, I've come to a slight compromise between what I *want* to continue writing about & what I *think* you can deal with length-wise, hehe. I'm going to list a few points here to further demonstrate this part of Reiki that I'm trying to illustrate for you, and then I'll end off. part three will talk about actual Reiki procedures.

* a man accidentally cut the tip of his finger off while working with a power saw; he immediately found the tip and got a ride to hospital to have it reattached. as he was being driven to hospital, someone did Reiki on his finger-stump, for the pain. on arrival - about 20 minutes after the accident - the doctor asked the man why he'd waited so long to get to hospital... his finger-stump had healed so much that attaching the fingertip was no longer possible! this type of experience is why Reiki healers won't do Reiki directly on a freshly broken bone - if too much healing happens before the bone is tended to, it'll have to be re-broken to set it for correct healing.

* I once did a regular series of Reiki treatments for a lady afflicted with cancer. one morning I received an email from her telling me that she believed the Reiki I'd been sending had saved her life the night before. she'd woken in a mighty sweat - after a vivid dream - gasping for breath, able to urinate and ultimately thereafter able to breathe easier. these things were all notable to her because for days prior to this experience the cancer had interfered with her ability to breathe and also with her ability to sweat and urinate. she felt her body was shutting down, preparing to die. for a few days after this night, though, she experienced a feeling of better health and increased ability to rest, along with the ability to pass fluids in the various ways a body does. unfortunately, the cancer did claim this lady's life eventually, but I cherish my experience of knowing her. this was all through an online correspondence, by the way... I knew of the lady only because of a newsletter I used to receive, and first communicated with her when I discovered she had cancer & then offered to do distance Reiki for her.

* shortly after taking my Reiki I, I accidentally ran over my dog, Sandy (ooooo, awful, I still cringe when I remember it!!). the poor thing had to get stitches and stay overnight at the vet's, but thankfully didn't have any broken bones. the next day I brought Sandy home, and he was so drugged up and sore that he was incapable of doing anything but laying down to sleep. I started a series of Reiki treatments on him, about 3 times a day. within 3 days, Sandy was on his feet and out chasing cats again. within a month, he had recovered completely from his injuries.

* my Reiki teacher, Lea, told me that once when she was teaching a Reiki class at a house in a remote location, her car battery died and no one had battery cables to give it a boost. there was no room in other vehicles for her & her equipment to travel in, so she and all her students gathered around her car, directing Reiki energy into the battery.... and the car started easily, after about 30 minutes of the group Reiki 'treatment'.

* once, doing distance Reiki for a lady I'd met online at a forum, I experienced a 'restless leg' feeling in my left leg. although I've had issues on my left side, in my left leg, this really didn't feel like anything related to my own issues (and I only felt it during the actual course of the treatment I was doing for this lady), so I told the lady about it afterwards in the email I sent to let her know about the Reiki. she wrote back, absolutely flabbergasted, to tell me that she'd recently been doing some research about restless leg syndrome; seems her boyfriend had a very bad case of it and whenever he stayed overnight with her she slept poorly and experienced a sort of 'sympathetic' restless leg with him. subsequent treatments seemed to reduce her experience of restless leg.

I have many more examples I could talk about, and I probably will - eventually ;).

right now, thinking on the Reiki principles, I need to honour my family and give thanks to and for them, specifically: my sons, my mum & dad, my aunt & cousin & Gran, my brother & his wife, and even the Dad (of my kids). these are the people who, on a daily basis and/or in other ways, support and care for me, and never ever let me down when I need them and ask them for help, no matter how bad I've messed up or how bothersome my requests might be. special thoughts also to my great friends (who fit more into the family category) See, Michael and Peter, who also are there for me whenever I need them. I love you all, xxx.

and congrats to See on her excellent recent news - keeping fingers crossed that all goes well! also, thanks to Peter, who sent me a cool picture to cheer me today, along with this glitchy-grammar-type thing that he picked up from the former 'lost in translation' site (gone now)...

from a Japanese car hire:

When passenger of foot heaves into sight, tootle him. If he continues to
block your passage, tootle him with vigour.

- just for today, I won't worry (I know everything is taken care of, and will come out right even though I may not consciously have all the answers).
- just for today, I won't anger (I understand what makes me angry & can recognize & deal calmly with those issues).
- today, even though I still feel like never-ending crap with this flu, I give thanks for every living thing (every living thing is a part of and an expression of the same loving energy - including you people who take your time to wade through my meanderings here, and always leave me positive comments, affirmations, and advice :) ).

babbled by loz - 02:13 pm

October 15, 2004   06:25 AM PDT
crack inc. - hello! nice to see you here again :).

the short answer to your question is that no, there's no direct connection between yoga & Reiki, but....

you could put them both into the 'alternative healing' category. there's also the fact that they both promote a healthy connection to one's own spirituality & all that entails.

one other thing I would note is that 'directed breathing' can be helpful for some recipients of Reiki in order to aid in processing any emotions/reactions they may experience during/after a treatment, and of course breath work is actually an integral part of yoga.

that's about all I can think of to connect them in any concrete ways - though there might be more. I don't know enough about yoga though, so I won't say there couldn't be any other similarities or connections :).

October 15, 2004   06:13 AM PDT
otto - you didn't bore me at all! thank you so much for sharing that here, I love to hear about how others have experienced Reiki & it's very pertinent for anyone else who reads it too. it does indeed seem that you experienced some type of 'healing crisis' with the Reiki. I'll be writing a bit more about that in the next series part.

crack inc.
October 11, 2004   10:45 PM PDT this at all related to yoga?
October 7, 2004   09:46 PM PDT
I found you via Friday, and I just wanted to tell you how interested I am in this entry about Reiki....I am fortunate enough to know 2 women who give Reike treatments (if that is the appropriate word) and I had my first about 3 years ago. It was amazing. But shortly after, I developed a cyst in my lower back and ended up having it surgically removed (they acutally cut it out and it was the worst pain I have EVER experienced!) and I was convinced it was a result of the Reiki. I was determined never to have another one of those things done again. But about 2 years ago, I got a new boss and she also is trained in Reiki and gave us all for Christmas that year a free Reiki. We had a year to take advantage of it. I never did. When she asked me why not, I told her about my first experience and she encouraged me to let her do a Reiki on me........reluctantly I obliged. I am so convinced that this is something one cannot grasp until they experience it for themselves. I will definitely be going for another one soon and I truly believe in the healing power of it. And I still do believe that possibly the cyst was my body's way of ridding itself of the toxins. I hope I haven't bored you, but I just wanted to share my experience. You are doing a wonderful thing....I wish you all the best.
October 4, 2004   07:50 AM PDT
October 3, 2004   04:09 AM PDT
hehe, Dreama... definitely, an in-house Reiki practitioner (with accompanying appropriate fee schedule) IS most appropriate!! hehe... I didn't 'click' to the fact that your practitioner was Seth, until you reminded! doh! by the way - I haven't been able to find my 'procedure' manual to do your home, waaaah! I don't want to do it until I re-study the procedure, because I don't remember it well enough by heart! I'll keep looking, though. xx

Shalala (new name for you Shalloola [affectionate-like], at least for the moment, haha): thank you! glad you liked it. that too is 'most appropriate', the warmth, because the physical experience of Reiki IS warmth, and also, Reiki is love... unconditional love, so it seems appropriate for it to be warm in that way too :). xx
October 2, 2004   08:44 PM PDT
I really dug this entry. It's so warm and loving (and informative) exudes it in a way.
October 2, 2004   08:37 PM PDT
Not to mention the cost was "most appropriate" Lol
October 2, 2004   08:35 PM PDT
Well since I lived with him, I do believe he was aware...hehe. Yep sure gonna miss my own personal reiki practitioner!
October 1, 2004   10:53 AM PDT
thanks Dreama :). it sure is something, isn't it?

did you ever mention the headaches to your Reiki practitioner, by the way?

September 30, 2004   11:06 PM PDT
Great article Loz! I love reading this stuff...I suppose because I believe in it so much. For about a period of one yr, I used to get terrible migraine headaches...after reiki treatments, haven't had them in over 2 yrs. Reiki is amazing!
September 30, 2004   03:17 PM PDT
ah, that's a cool visualization, Lyly! sorry that I didn't mention this kind of thing to you... I am determined not to forget again! this is also why it's preferable to give some time between treatments, so as not to overwhelm the system.

September 30, 2004   02:59 PM PDT
Very informative Loz. This explains the headaches that I've had the last 2 evenings that cluminated in me falling asleep in front of my laptop. For the visualization, once I draw the energy into my crown chakra, I can feel it gathering like a cloud in my upper chest and spreading out in my body. Then I visualize blasting it out the bottoms of my feet as I exhale. Very powerful.

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