lozbabble: the ouch of me Thursday, December 27, 2007

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February 1, 2008   05:46 PM PST
that is cool Marty!

thanks, I definitely needed the Reiki. I forget to do it for myself usually, but when things are *really* bad I remember. too bad I don't think of it when things are just getting bad, instead of only when things are *that* bad, heh.

on another note - I only just saw your comment here, after posting another entry. blogdrive is not automatically updating or something. biz as usual, I suppose.

January 30, 2008   07:21 AM PST
Ouch! Oh, Loz, that sounds awful! Perhaps the Reiki master could use a little Reiki herself. Oh, my. Oh, by the way, have I ever mentioned that Donna is also trained in Reiki? Cool, eh ... small world ...

best wishes--M.
January 6, 2008   10:15 PM PST
hey Brandy :). thanks, and yes, I'm all recovered. well, my left knee is still a tad more tender than usual if prodded at, but I just don't prod at it & it's all good :).

happy new year!

January 6, 2008   12:28 PM PST
wow; I just caught up here; I hope you are recovered from this mishap!
January 5, 2008   12:59 AM PST
yup, same road, but the first accident didn't happen with the/a car so I'm not sure it's a 'pattern' yet... though obviously can't hurt to smudge even so I guess ;).

re: that doorknob, lotion & all.. um... I'm not sure if technically it's still called a massage, if you're facing the door at the time :D. but hey... you can call it whatever you want! teehee ;).

January 3, 2008   08:07 PM PST
same road huh "little one?" (hehe) Sounds like kharma says don't use that road anymore or maybe it's time to sage the car maybe with a bit of sweetgrass to be safe? Sorry, old habits die hard. ANYway, gotta say harumph to you about the massage, the closest I am getting lately is to lather the doorjam with lotion and jump up and down and pretend. I am just excited about the next spinal block. What a pair we make huh? LOL
December 31, 2007   12:57 AM PST
hehe, thanks Ma ;).

yes, I am thankful it wasn't worse; I could've run myself over if I hadn't managed to hang on for the ride.

on the plus side, I got to another massage therapy appointment that much sooner because of this and I'm feeling pretty good right about now. so no worries - I got off easy this time :).

strangely enough, this happened on the same road where I was hit by the pickup truck (though different location up the road a ways); I'm starting to think that road ain't very good luck for me ;).

hope you've been enjoying the holidays!

December 30, 2007   07:34 PM PST
OMG!!! i take it, it would sound stupid to say "do you know how lucky you are something else worse didn't happen?" uhmm...like running over your own foot when you didnt put the car stickshift in gear? damn manuals. I am sooo happy your are okay and wish you were not in such pain, I feel for ya Darlin, take care of yourself!!! be gentle with YOU!!! From what I understand you are in as good of shape as I am!!!! Don't do that silly!!!! Wow can you tell I'm a Mom?

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