lozbabble: more ouchies Friday, February 01, 2008

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nike shox nz
April 24, 2012   06:57 AM PDT
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February 8, 2008   11:31 AM PST
thanks littlewicked :). I'm cancelling the car thing though, since it's stuck in the snow outside, even as I type. I think I'll hold out for the hunky neighbour, with or without smut, but with a house that can be used ;). oh, and the tooth pain's gone, yaaay.

February 6, 2008   06:05 PM PST
okay well for starters "ditto" to what Nic said, and I do hope you have some sort of cash windfall. You sound like you truly need some sort of a vacation. The car may work if you get a good smut book, the windows are tinted just enough, and your seat reclines nicely...(oh!) and a mysterious hunky neighbor comes over to read it to you, or play it out whichever works better for you!!! Take it easy Darlin!!! Hang in there!
February 2, 2008   06:42 PM PST
thanks Nic :).

does sound a bit like a greeting card, but that's okay, it works ;). dental probs nearly over I think (aside from the work that still needs doing, doesn't generally bother me). the snow... well, just got to wait to get rid of that I'm afraid.

February 2, 2008   05:24 AM PST
I am sorry that this is the pain and suffering you have been experiencing and can remeber the pitfalls of snow (blech). I hope the dental and money problems (like the season) changes for you and that (without sounding like a greeting card) Spring brings wellness and prosperity.

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