lozbabble: sexy Saturday, February 09, 2008

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September 13, 2012   10:59 AM PDT
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April 17, 2012   09:32 AM PDT
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April 12, 2008   10:13 AM PDT
Littlewicked's idea just might work. Ya gonna do it? Best of luck to ya, Loz.
March 19, 2008   08:41 PM PDT
now there's a smart girl :D.
March 18, 2008   06:42 PM PDT
Soooo, go to the neighbors and tell then you were thinking of remodeling and maybe they could reccomend someone? LOL Wink Wink Nod Nod Know what i mean?? Know what i mean??
March 18, 2008   04:39 PM PDT
nah, unfortunately just a guy working at some neighbour's. he was parked in front of my house (& digging tools out the back of his truck for about a minute when I noticed him), then went to work wherever. next time I checked his truck was gone. oh well! sometimes just the reminder is nice ;).

March 16, 2008   08:36 PM PDT
oh wow I must have missed this post, lemme guess...the guys that came to fix the wiring to the house??? Or maybe something more permanent like a neighbor??? Hope ya said hello ya silly girl!!!!

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