littlewicked » good to know Darlin, hope all is well in "lozland" and the toys are fun!!!
loz » yup, I'm just off having fun with the toys . hello, I'm alive. x
Meds » I think she took all the toys and ran away to hide them. Err, well, not THOSE toys...
littlewicked » I say "ditto" to Meds comment, where has loz gone off to?????
Meds » Ok, it's time you showed up. It's almost summer again.
Lyly » I've deleted my blog for now, but you know how to catch me on IM.
Lyly » Hi. I am still alive. I hope you are too.
Meds » * knock knock* Loz, where you at?
myspace design » blog hopping.
littlewicked » Hey loz, hoping all is going good for you Darlin!! Hope you are having a good time in Lozland, take care of you!!!
michael » hi hi, long time no breathe... any chance of a train on the firm hope all's ok
loz » thanks Meds . x
Meds » Condolences, loz.
loz » thanks matey . I *will* get my act together with email one day very soon (just out of the habit, I'm afraid). xo
m » happily birthdaze to yer missus!
TM » Yoohoo, where are you?
littlewicked » wow, did you desert the place????? Halooooooo??!!??
Meds » Yeah, she's too busy thinking about overhauls and buttcrack! And assless chaps.
littlewicked » Hey there! *waves
loz » hmm... well, possibly, and possibly not Sinja. I'm a bit flaky about blogging these days, obviously! but thank you for coming by, good to hear from you .
Sinja » *hugs* Good to see you around, loz. I hope things are well for you! Will you be around more now, young lady?
loz » gotcha Justin! great to hear from you . yup, Meds is about - if you click his name here you'll get to his blog . talk with you soon guy. x
Justin » Whoa don't even ask me how I stumbled on this page. What's up Lozzy? I haven't chatted with you in years. And MedMan is still around? Oh shit. Write me back some time!
loz » hey Lyly! yes, indeed... far too long. I hope you are well & I'll try to catch up with you soon. x
Lyly » Hi loz! Long time no chat....
littlewicked » Hey Loz, just poppin by to say hey and hope all is well within LozLand.
loz » aha! never one to leave something alone (even when I'd planned to) (can we say OCD?) - I figured out *where* I was when I asked about the troll thing, heh. duuuuh. I'll just repeat that: duuuuuuuuh. x
loz » neva mind, I've got it from your blog now, in any case. thanks Meds . x
loz » er... I'm confused now. was I somewhere *other* than your blog when I asked about that? (I didn't look at the URL then, just assumed I was at your blog. oyyyy, dingbat)
loz » oops, I couldn't see where that went through so thought it hadn't... so I haven't been back to see! thanks, I'll check . x
Meds » Did ya get the link to the troll post? It also links to my blog.
loz » I dunno. wondering if it might have something to do with not being able to guarantee quality across the board? gotta worry about the health department & all that, in such establishments .
littlewicked » wYanno, they seem to have a buffet for Chineese food, ones for American sorts, why can't there be one for guys?
loz » oh bummer . fun ones are in short supply, it seems. hope you find another one soon! x
littlewicked » works for me, although the playground is sorta empty now...*pouts*. My fun one went to Afghanistan...*snivels* just when I find a fun one!!!
loz » yup, that sounds appropriate. you can have the branding & I'll have the rest of the heat - everybody's happy .
littlewicked » chased tied up and branded? oh wait thats what i like. Oksy so chased, tied up and maybe made to heat up in such a nasty fashion you burst into flames? Figuratively??
loz » ooo, pick me, pick me! but only if the Indian gets to be chased & tied up to be burned on the stake . not really burned & it's a bit backwards (from tv), but this is my blog . x
littlewicked » sorta sounds like half of the Village People though, but thats just me. I mean the Overhauls and the assless chaps? Who is gonna be the indian?
littlewicked » geez it has been way too long sing I popped on here, i missed the assless chaps conversation, uhmmm arent they all? Blonde question of course...LOL
loz » hahaha... okay, as long as the drill includes keeping the buttcrack covered, it's all good. "it came back" just referred to your blog . I *certainly* hope winter won't be coming back this year! x
Meds » Dunno what you mean by "it came back." Winter? Assless chaps? Overhauls?
Meds » I been tryin' to stay out of trouble at the war machine facility, mostly. Bein' a good lil boy, no assless chaps, no overhauls, keep my buttcrack covered up, you know the drill...
loz » yup, hehe. you wearin'? (well of course, that's what I had in mind when I suggested it to begin with). x
Meds » Assless chaps? Heh.
loz » hey, more Pness . okay re: overhauls Meds... instead how about black leather vest & chaps (no pants), then? (but not out in the general public please, haha) .
Meds » Overhauls? Hell, woman, overhauls just covers up the buttcrack!
loz » my pleasure, your Pness . (oops, now that looks a bit obsene but that's not what I meant to do!!). x
peter » hey there purple one. thanks for your tag.
loz » thanks littlewicked, I'm feeling much better now, physically . x
littlewicked » hey loz poppin in to check on ya! Hope things get better faster for you!!!
loz » I feel a bit better today again, but my face is still all swollen & some pain happening. antibiotics are working, at least. x
loz » hahaha, 1/2 a snickers?? *snickers* I just had a whole one & I'm thinking it was more satisfying than what the other would be . and thanks - I haven't remembered to get the clove oil, but am trying.
littlewicked » but toothaches? OWWWIE! I have clove oil all over the house, that tastes bad but works wonders in numbing out the tooth! Hope Ya feel better soon Darlin!!! You deserve to be happy! All Moms should!
littlewicked » Okay, first of all one in 6 "little ones" are able to be taught correctly....but are "gone" in a blink of an eye if yanno what I mean...hehehe Tasty though, sorta like 1/2 a snickers
loz » ps: been a bit crazed though, which hasn't helped - tooth absessed & been in pain for a few days. just starting to feel human again, with wonder antibiotic drugs!
loz » hmm, maybe a bit down littlewicked, nothing serious. thanks . nobody ever puts their webcam on for me anymore *grumbles*. well, except for 25 year olds who are chasing da cougars, hehe. x
littlewicked » I know sometimes I am a bit of an "easy" girl, that wit coupled with that smile and my day is already better!
littlewicked » Maybe Someone we both know could put on his webcam once in awhile for your viewing pleasure?*smiles
littlewicked » oh Honey, you sound sorta down hope everything is good in Lozland. Only you know when a change in the wind is needed Love, Hopefully you at least have some yummie "eye candy" to watch once in awhile.
loz » true enough, littlewicked. somehow, though, it doesn't feel like even that'll work for me. *shrugs* c'est la vie. x
littlewicked » and maybe a new friend! Or at least some exercise that isn't the bad kind!!
littlewicked » Well Ya never know Loz, a tasty tidbit could be right around the corner just a waitin' for Ya! So take the next offer for a cup of coffee, if anything you still get a free coffee!!*smiles
loz » hello folks, thanks for dropping by . littlewicked... nah, 'fraid not . it's just work/life busy that's keeping me busy!
littlewicked » Just wanted to say hello, so hello...uhm....*laughs* Hope you are realy busy for a real good reason!!! *wink wink nod nod, know what i mean, know what i mean??
Friday » Dropping by to say hello. » Just blog hopping through and stopped to say hello
loz » don't I just wish! my Saint *snickers* Nic didn't do me at all . otherwise, Santa was kind, if rather, er, removed. where you at, Meds?
Meds » Yes, I hope Santa did you good too! heh
loz » merry christmas to you both too! (belatedly). santa was good enough to me, though i didn't get *exactly* what I wanted . hope you both had a good one too. x
littlewicked » errr i mean i hope Santa got you wnat you wanted, in the way of presents of course....
littlewicked » i swear my site is still there, but i think it has gremlins. Merry late Xmas Loz!! Hope Santa did you good!!!
Meds » Merry Christmas!
Meds » Hmm. littlewicked's site is completely gone. Did I scare her? Plus...
loz » I think I like 'or what' best . x
Meds » Meh. You haven't missed anything. Oh, and it's always nice to see all the babbling I do when the posts don't go through. Call me impatient or what?
loz » oh no, I'm so behind! I've just dropped by your blog & you've gone away . where'd you go to? are you traveling again, or just away from the blog for a bit?? tell me, please.
loz » er, my tagboard of course. yes, yes, that's what I meant.
loz » go on then... menace me, baybeee . teehee. x
Meds » Oh god, I've become a posting menace.
loz » by the way Meds, the blog takes forever to load because of (I think it is) the poll. I need to find another one to post it with methinks .
loz » oh my... suddenly my tag board has exploded! hello y'all. m, catch you soon I hope! xo
m » bart missus? really love to catch up..
littlewicked » and how long has it been since you posted here loz?*grinz
littlewicked » so yeah me, my head seems to maybe be working again!!!
littlewicked » trust me, the posts show up, all nine of Maybe blogdrive just knows it's you and they wish to frustrate people MedMan? and Loz, i did at least post my bad letter to Santa...
MedMan » but posts to littlewicked's still aren't showing
MedMan » Sorry about that, chief.
MedMan » oooooooo look. 20 minutes later, it's all here.
MedMan » asdasfsdfg
MedMan » asdasfsdfg
MedMan » lalalalalala Is anyone there? Hellooooooooooooooooo
MedMan » And, my posts don't show up here either. You otter pay yer rent, woman.
MedMan » littlewicked's tag board is impossible. Plus, this page of yours takes forever t finish loading, and I'm on high speed.
MedMan » It takes forecer for this page to load, and I'm on high speed
MedMan » Hmm. Apparently yours is too.
MedMan » littlewicked's tag board is acting up. I can't post a thing.
loz » m, m, m, m, m... mmmmmm . sorry mate, I've just realised that I failed to answer your last email . I will endeavour to get off me arse to do so, very soon! luvs, xo
m » psst...
loz » hey you . nice to see you're writing there again (even if you *did* move it - blogdrive traitor! haha ). I'll come catch up. x